Jelko Kacin and Montenegrin issues

Jelko Kacin gave an interview about issue with Orthodox church in Montenegro and in a bad manner he offend Metropolitan Amfilohije and everyone who worship that church. Everyone who worship Orthodox church would be more then 60% of Montenegrin population.

Jelko Kacin is from Slovenia, he is a member of the european parliament. Why he would, as a member of EU parliament make such statement?

Simple answer: to help communistic government!

If not, why it seams that Jelko Kacin knows well Montenegrin issues, why he didn’t mentioned anything about corruption, about money laundering, about world drug lords from Montenegro, many cases of unsolved murders…

Most of all, he is the same guy who was against this, the very same government in Montenegro which were against democracy, which voted for Milosevic Slobodan, which supported Milosevic Slobodan till the end of his powers in every single way. As long as I remember, Metropolitan Amfilohije was against the Milosevic politic from the very first day.

BTW Mr. Jelko, did you forgot those unresolved murders of unarmed ordinary soldier in Slovenia?

Sleep well Mr. Jelko 🙂


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